‘NASA’ coalition dissolves its political operations as Kingpins looks for another option-Lumbasio Holman

NAIROBI, Kenya (Inside Kenya’s 2022 politics); The National Super Alliance-NASA coalition which comprises with;ODM party,ANC Party, Wiper Party and Ford-Kenya party have dissolved its joint political operations.

File Photo; Courtesy (From left ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi, Ford-Kenya party leader-Moses Wetangula,ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga and Wiper Party leader-Kalonzo Musyoka)

NASA’s coalition Co-principles including ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga, ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi, Wiper Party leader-Kalonzo Musyoka and Ford-Kenya party leader-Moses Wetangula have reached an agreement of putting their pens down in order to give a room for the advanced new political gear point through finer and highly ranked coalition.

The newly formed and upgraded ‘One Kenya Alliance’ (OKA) which comprises with the parties including ANC Party,KANU party, Wiper Party but still have a room for other parties is strongly hearing up for the 2022 political career showdown.

Kenya’s political signal symbolises that ‘One Kenya Alliance’ (OKA) is slowly gaining silent momentum towards the 2022 Kenya’s general elections.

Furthermore, hustlers nation leader-Dr. William Ruto he is ready for the Presidential race, hence giving in pure niceness progress towards the uplift of the Kenya’s economy through developmental strategies at any meaningful procedure.

On the other hand, political campaigns have taken its early role either Churches or on social media platforms as politicians are trying to reach their diehard supporters closer for the importance of the August,2022 Kenya’s general elections.

Coalition formations begins at a gearing symbol as the 2022 preparations shows green lights-Lumbasio Holman

NAIROBI, Kenya (Inside Kenya’s 2022 politics); The 2022 Kenya’s political showdown system looms as coalition formations begins at a gearing power point in order to clinch to the preferred government ruling position.

Photo; From left,ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi, Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto and ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga.

Kingpin leaders with their respective political parties are in the magnificent popularity to make sure that they take the lion’s share in the coming 2022 Kenya’s general elections at any identified means.

Prominent leaders including Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto, ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga, ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi, Wiper Party leader-Kalonzo Musyoka,KANU Party-leader Gideon Moi,’Maendeleo Chap Chap’Party leader and also Machakos County Governor-Dr Alfred Mutua are on the line of the 2022 Presidential bid.

Dr. William Ruto,the hustlers nation leader,he is strategically confident that his progress still available on the Kenyan territories at large. Thus,he will be eligible to be the next President of the Republic of Kenya.

On the other hand, the 2022 general elections will be of a tight competition most especially at the advantageous Presidential race.

Giving a fact that the big three main characters in the Presidential race including ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi, Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto and ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga will make a difference.

In addition, the National Super Alliance-NASA through its political parties which comprises; Wiper Party,ODM party,ANC Party and Ford-Kenya party have dissolved partnership, hence giving a room for a new coalition formations.

Chances indicates that political parties kingpins are focusing and preparing for the their respective true leadership as they eye for the ruling regime system at the preferred political career directions on the Kenyan territory.

KTN, Kenya is welcoming you home through its journalistic content-Lumbasio Holman

NAIROBI, Kenya; The Kenya Television Network (KTN) is all the time giving you the most significant and affordable journalistic content delivery through its programming services.

Photo; Courtesy (KTN, Kenya)

Programmes including;news, political talk shows and interviewing, sports,educative documentaries, Feature stories, advertisements among other programmes gives more of value to the viewing audience.

KTN which is owned by Standard Media Group PLC along Mombasa road, Nairobi-Kenya always provides purely ranked journalistic content at any means of the audio-video/visual signals.

Simplifying the best,KTN is among the top notch television channel which airs its original programming services to the esteemed viewing audience.

Furthermore,KTN is in the line with other television channels at Standard Media Group PLC which includes;KTN news,KTN Burudani and KTN Farmers TV.

In addition,KTN home all the time providing finer journalistic content at the comfort of your home. Making a fact that KTN shines at a gearing point. The viewing audience are now preferring the TV channel for the loved programming set up.

“The strategical mind set agenda will come at the advanced roadmap”,says Odinga-Lumbasio Holman

KENYAN territory; Former Kenyan Prime Minister and also ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga made his creative showcase yesterday at the Skiza tune event in Murang’a,Kenya.

Photo; Courtesy (ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga)

Mr. Odinga’s tour in Murang’a county is a significant sign of the developmental demand in all Kenyan Counties without any tribal favours or aspects. Thus,Kenyan talented musicians,who reaffirms that Kenyan citizens needs practical solutions to advance their respective directions.

Gearing up legislation that grants artists a larger share of Skiza tune contribution is a progressive higher notch progress in terms of musical creativity and content delivery.

“The strategic developmental motive will come at the advanced momentum only through the Building Bridges Initiative-BBI process. Thus, our main agenda between I and President Uhuru Kenyatta is to bring more developments at any means”,ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga said in Murang’a county.

In addition,Mr. Odinga, he is also eying for the magnificent Presidency sit in the coming Kenya’s general elections in August,2022.

Communication across cultures in Tanzania (‘Sukuma tribe’)-Lumbasio Holman

SUKUMA tribe of Tanzania; The Sukuma are the Bantu-speaking people inhabiting south of Lake Victoria between Mwanza Gulf and the Serengeti Plain on the Tanzanian territory.

Photo; (Sukuma caltural dancers at a traditional event).

The strategic places is only a few hundreds miles South of the equator which is a year round the temperature between 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Sukuma have a mixed economy base largely on subsistence agriculture, where they grow crops such as;Sorghum,Maize, Arrow roots, Sweet Potatoes,Millet in addition Cotton as a cash crop also practiced cattle rearing.

Photo; Cultural marriage ceremony among Sukuma people.

Sukuma people are usually organized into small independent chiefdoms for more than 200 years. Historically,the ntemi (‘chief’) was advised by a group of hereditary Councillors and ruled through hereditary village headmen.

In 1946, the chiefdoms United in a federation that later operated as a unit under the government of Tanzania. Traditional religion mainly involved communicating with and propitiating ancestral spirits.

The Chiefdoms in Sukuma land began to consolidate in the 16th century, early on, the Sukuma culture traded with the neighbouring chiefdoms including the Buganda in Uganda. They also traded with Arabs of the Coast and Zanzibar in the 1800s.

The Sukuma traditional religion also honour eternal spirit of deceased ancestors. When a person dies many believes that their spirit continues on to live in another realm.

Religiously, the Bujora church was founded in 1952 as a site where Sukuma traditions were used to teach the Catholic liturgy and other liturgical practices.

Quality products at a price advantage only at BIDCO Africa Limited-Lumbasio Holman

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Photo; Courtesy (BIDCO Africa Limited).

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Democracy heart beat symbolises crisis agenda over Tunisia’s government (source; REUTERS)-Lumbasio Holman

TUNIS, Tunisia; The Tunisian territory is currently facing its total showdown crisis in a decade of democracy on Monday, July 26,2021 after President-Kais Saied ousted the government and froze all the parliament’s daily activities.

Photo; Courtesy (Protests at Tunis the capital city of Tunisia).

In a statement late on Sunday, Saied invoked the constitution to dismiss Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi and decree a freeze of the parliament for a period of Thirty (30) days, saying he would govern with a new Premier.

The democracy signal move came after a day of protests against the government and the biggest party in the parliament,the Moderate Islamist Ennahda, (MIE), following a spike in COVID 19 new cases and growing anger over chronic political dysfunction and economic malaise.

In a few hours after Saied’s statement,huge crowds gathered in his support in the capital city of Tunis and other cities in the country, cheering and dancing while the military blocked the access of parliament and the state television.

Dozens of Ennahda diehard supporters faced off against Saied’s supporters near the Tunisia’s parliament building, exchanging insults as the police held them accordingly.

The parliament speaker-Rached Ghannouchi, the leader of Ennahda, which has played a role in successive coalition government,decried the moves as a coup and an assault on democracy.

Mudavadi’s political signature tune lands safely in Nyandarua County-Lumbasio Holman

NYANDARUA,Kenya (July 24,2021), The Amani National Congress-ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi has today Saturday Midmorning hours East African Time arrived in Nyandarua county for a two-day political career tour.

Photo; Courtesy (From left Infront of the microphones-ANC party leader Musalia Mudavadi, Nyandarua County Governor-Francis Kimemia and other political officials).

Mr. Mudavadi,he was received by Nyandarua county Governor- Francis Kimemia and other County officials where they will jointly inspect several projects initiated by the County government.

The ANC Kingpin is expected to continue popularizing his Presidency outfit and on the other hand gaining momentum for the votes search at his calculated methodologies.

During his political tour, Mudavadi also paid a courtesy visit to the Nyandarua Governor’s office and thereafter addressed the press.

He will also hold separate consultative meetings with key influencers, professionals and opinion shapers from Nyandarua county including business people and political leaders.

The significant Nyandarua tour,comes a week after he made votes search in Nyeri County,where he engaged with various local leaders and residents urging them to support his presidential bid.

Furthermore, Mudavadi’s political rotation in Central,Kenya symbolises his strong need to upgrade Kenya’s economy to a better standards in favour of the Kenyan citizens demand.

Kenya’s politics gaining advanced showcase as the 2022 polls nears-Lumbasio Holman

KENYAN territory: July 23,2021(Inside Kenya’s politics); The face to face Kenya’s political agenda gains more of advanced showcase momentum as the 2022 polls nears to its door steps on the Kenyan territories at large.

Photo; From left,ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi, Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto and ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga.

In the 2022 Presidential race,the big three Kenya’s Kingpins including ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi, Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William,ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga are both symbolising the need to revive Kenya’s economy if elected as the President of the Republic of Kenya.

“Through the Building Bridges Initiative-BBI directives, Kenya’s developmental strategies will come to a better satisfactory version in all Kenyan Counties. Thus, my love for Kenya is to see peace and unity also reviving our economy”,ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga declears his position to the Citizens of Kenya.

The August,2022 Kenya’s general elections, will comprise of different political career kingpins most especially top notch Presidential sit, which will attract other leaders to contest for their level best in order to transform Kenya.

In addition, Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto,he is strategically set for the 2022 Kenya’s Presidential battle at any means of the political showcase. Dr. Ruto,he is significantly confident with his procedures to become the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya.

Furthermore,ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi states that problem number one is economy, problem number two is economy and unemployment. Hence,his being in the Presidential race,if elected as the President of Kenya,he will transform Kenya into a better admirable standards and also creating space for employment opportunities.

In a simple format, political career kingpins including KANU Party-leader Gideon Moi, Wiper Party leader-Kalonzo Musyoka, ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga, ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi among other prominent leaders are smartly eying for a better Kenya’s ruling regime come 2022.

Death toll raises as China’s subway floods worsen at a distraction (source;CNN)-Lumbasio Holman

BEIJING,China (July 22,2021); At least 33 people have been reported dead and several missing in central China,as authorities gearing up for the rescue and recovery tactics following the devastating floods that submerged entire neighborhoods, trapped passengers in subway cars.

Photo; Courtesy (China’s subway floods)

Torrential rains have made its strong fact occurance at Henan province since last weekend, displacing hundreds of thousands of people and causing 1.22 billion yuan(about $ 190 million) of economic damage. Henan province authorities said in a statement on Thursday.

Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of 12 million people is one of the worst-hit areas, with 12 people killed after being trapped for hours on a flooded subway line.

In Gongyi,a county-level city to the West of Zhengzhou,at least four people were reportedly killed as gushing floodwaters sweept through streets. Heavy rains also caused widespread collapse of homes and landslides, hindering rescue operations.

Photo; Courtesy(floodwaters sweept away cars at Gongyi)

In another busy city,Xinxiang, rivers have swelled beyond warning levels and seven reservoirs have overflowed, affecting 58 counties and 470,000 people, according to state-run people’s Daily.

The severity of the flooding was captured by numerous videos shared on the Chinese social media, which showed people and cars sweept away in surging torrents.

Zhengzhou’s meteorological department has described the level of rainfall as “once in a thousand years. “Henan water resources department, meanwhile has called rain levels in parts of the province once in 5,000 years”.