Ruto’s showcase re-visists Narok County for further projects-Lumbasio Holman

NAROK,Kenya; On Wednesday,March 3,2021 Midmorning hours East African Time in Narok County Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto unveiled different projects including new school buses distribution.

Dr. William Ruto

“True leaders always have the idea of developments in all means, meaning my true love as the Hustlers Nation leader is to transform Kenya into a better Standard”,Says Dr. Ruto after unveiling a new school bus at Erinka Primary school-Endinyo in Narok County.

Erinka Primary school-Endinyo new bus

Speaking to the people of Narok after the unveiling of different projects,Mr. Ruto also assured the people of Narok County that he is in the 2022 Presidency sit search at all means.

Ruto speaking to the people of Narok

On the other hand,Mr. Ruto led the empowerment of the Hustler cooperative Sacco and presented a school bus to Ilmotiook Secondary school-Ilmotiook in Narok West constituency.

Ilmotiook Secondary school new bus

Co-operative societies widen the ordinary people’s access to financial delivery services and support the Micro-enterprises to grow and overcome Kenya’s poverty.

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto,he was accompanied by Elgeyo-Marakwet Senator-Kipchumba Murkomen,CCM party leader-Isac Ruto among other leaders who truly appreciate Ruto’s work at any point of the operation.

Leaders that accompanied Dr. Ruto in Narok County

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Indonesia is facing volcano eruption as residents flee to a safer areas [ abc NEWS]-Lumbasio Holman

MEDAN, Indonesia; Mount Sinabung in Indonesia made a volcanic eruption suprise on Tuesday by sending volcanic materials as high as 5,000 metres (16,400feet) into the sky and depositing ash to the nearby villages.

Mt. Sinabung in Indonesia

Activity at the volcano in North Sumatra Province increased over the past weeks, with authorities recording thirteen (13) times when it released ash clouds.

North Sumatra Province

The 2,600 metres (8,530feet) Sinabung was dormant for four centuries before erupting in 2010, killing two people. Another eruption occurred in 2014 killing 17 people, while seven died in 2016 eruption respectively.

Mt. Sinabung eruption on Tuesday

Sinabung is among more than 120 active volcanoes in Indonesia, which is located on the ‘Ring of fire’,an arc of volcanoes and fault lines encircling the Pacific Ocean.

The distance view of eruption off shore Pacific Ocean.

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Mudavadi’s 2022 Political career roadmap showing a green light signal-Lumbasio Holman

MATUNGU,Kenya; Amani National Congress-ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi now takes a new methodology of the Kenyan Political career power point to the next level of the ruling regime system as he is strategically eying for the top notch Presidency sit.

ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi

Speaking in Matungu constituency on Thursday last week in Kakamega county,Mr. Mudavadi,he either insisted that his time of becoming Kenya’s President is now at the advantageous open door steps. Musalia made his strong clarification to the people of Matungu constituency and Kenya at large.

Musalia Mudavadi

Musalia,he is strategically campaigning for the ANC Party candidate Peter Oscar Nabulindo for the Member of Parliament (MP) as the right choice to ensure service delivery and development for the people of Matungu constituency in Kakamega county.

Musalia campaigning for Nabulindo

“Problem number one is our economy, secondly economy and thirdly our economy meaning we need God fearing leaders in order to focus mostly on the Kenyan developments which will boost our economy into a better and affordable standards”, Says ANC Party leader-Musalia Mudavadi in Kakamega.

ANC Party brigade in Matungu

ANC Party leader, his political career direction comes at a gear point selection when Kenya is facing the 2022 general election. During his political career campaigns in Western Kenya region, Mr. Mudavadi he was accompanied by;Wiper Party leader-Kalonzo Musyoka,Ford,Kenya Party leader-Moses Wetangula and KANU Party leader-Gideon Moi.

From right hand side,Mr. Mudavadi, Kalonzo, Gideon Moi and Wetangula

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The blessed day starts with Nzoia sugar Kenya’s love [Volunteering]-Lumbasio Holman

It is that time of welcoming true love from Nzoia sugar Company Limited-Kenya, meaning your favourite demand through Nzoia sugar is Sweetening your comfort zone since 1978. Happiness at hand gives away its Society tea making in the Kitchen.

Nzoia sugar

Making a fact that,we are the original Kenyan product, hence Sweetening Kenya at significantly mode of consumption through tea making and baking methodology.

Nzoia sugar

Purchase for yourself Nzoia sugar at any shop or Supermarket near your home area. Spread the society love to our esteemed customers. Make our product of great value on the Kenyan territories as well as International category.

Your favourite demand for more happiness,make a date with us meaning Nzoia sugar is yours for asking at any point of the purchase. Nzoia sugar is a product of Nzoia sugar company Limited, Kenya.

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Raila acheza densi ya BBI Gatuzi la Taita Taveta-Lumbasio Holman

TAITA TAVETA,Kenya; Hii leo (Juma nne,Machi 2,2021) Gatuzi la Taita Taveta mida ya alasiri majira ya Afrika Mashariki kinara wa chama cha ODM-Raila Odinga amepiga ngarambe ya mchakato wa maridhiano almaarufu ‘BBI’ huku akisisitiza ya kwamba uchumi wa Kenya utaimarika kupitia mchakato huo wa kimaendeleo.

Kinara wa chama cha ODM-Raila Odinga

Akizungumza Kwa wakazi wa Mwatate,aidha kinara wa chama cha ODM-Raila Odinga amewarai wenyeji wa Gatuzi la Taita Taveta kuunga mkono kikamilifu densi ya ‘reggae’ kupitia mchakato wa ‘BBI’. Maendeleo ni sasa hivi bila ubaguzi wa kikabila Raila aliongeza hayo Kwa umati uliohudhuria kampeni hiyo.

Raila akiwahutubia wakazi wa Mwatate

“Uchumi Bora na maendeleo ya sako Kwa bako ni ishara toshelezi kua unufahisho upo Kwa ufasaha na jitihada za hapa na pale Kwa minajili ya wakenya wote Kwa ujumla”,Asema Raila Odinga katika Gatuzi la Taita Taveta.

Raila akiwahutubia wakazi wa Voi mjini

Raila aliambatana unyo Kwa unyo na viongozi mbali mbali serikalini na hata pia viongozi kutoka Gatuzi la Taita Taveta wanaounga mkono mchakato wa’BBI’ kikamilifu,huku wakipiga ngarambe ya ‘no body can stop reggae’.

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Communication across cultures in Kenya [Maasai community,Kenya|photo Kajiado]-Lumbasio Holman

The Maasai are the Nilotic ethnic community,who speak the Maa language. They are a member of the Nilo-sahara family of languages related to the Nuer,Kelenjin and Dinka.

Maasai people in Kajiado county-Kenya

The Maasai community are internationally known for their distinctive culture, rituals ‘high jumping dance’,custome dress and being courageous warriors.

High jumping dance

Oloibon had mystical as well as medicinal healing powers. They predicted the future and healed people from physical, mental and spiritual illness. They were incharge of the rituals,led the community in sacrifices,officiated ceremonies and advised elders on spiritual aspects.

For centuries the Maasai have been nomadic Pastoralists whose lifestyle depended on their cattle. Young worriors (the Morans) walked in search of pasture,while protecting the cattle and the community.

Maasai warriors (the Morans)

The Ilkunono,a sub-group of Maasai, were also known for being skilled blacksmiths, making cowbells and weapons. The iron metal cowbell (Oltuala) has a loud sound,which helped keep track of the grazing cattle.

Maasai iron cowbell

In the 16th century, the Maasai began migrating southwards from the lower Nile River. From the 18th century they began settling in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. Today they reside near East African game parks.

Emanyattas are the ceremonial homesteads built for particular cultural ceremonies such as eunoto. These houses are made of mud,sticks and grass, and plastered with cow-dung. Traditionally,Maasai houses are built by women.

The Maasai Manyatta houses

Age-sets (orporor) system was distinctive to the Maasai community and included many rituals and ceremonies involving birth, initiation, courtship, marriage, healing exorcisms and death. The majority of the Maasai believed in the power of the elders in controlling Political and social matters.

Age-set system among the Maasai community

Upon circumcision,boys graduated to young Warriors popularly known as Morans Ilmurran. The ceremony is held every 10-15 years. It marks a new age-set.

The Moran Ilmurran

The Maasai community women also made a role of building Manyatta houses and took care of the children and the old,they showed loved to their men.

Maasai women

Traditionally,the Maasai community also carried out Eunoto ceremony of the age-set men as a symbol of love and unity in the Society.

Eunoto ceremony among the Maasai people

The Maasai community warriors are known for being strong and courageous. Traditionally,they protected the cattle and the whole community with long spears and buffalo skin shields, which were decorated in red, white and black dye.

Maasai community warriors

Maasai warriors are known for being strong in any means of fighting tactics. Traditionally,had braided hair, which is dyed with red ochre. They wore beaded necklaces, ornaments and capes (Shukas) made of cowhide.

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Ruto atikisa anga Gatuzi la Trans-Nzoia, Kenya-Lumbasio Holman

TRANS-Nzoia,Kenya; Naibu wa rais Daktari William Ruto hii leo mida ya saa tano (11:00AM) majira ya Afrika Mashariki Gatuzi la Trans-Nzoia amefungua jumba la Maankuli almaarufu Dining hall Kwa lugha ya Kiingereza katika shule ya Sekondari ya Kitum Gatuzi ndogo la Endebess.

Naibu wa rais Daktari William Ruto

Akiongea baada ya shamra shamra za ufunguzi ya jumba la Maankuli aidha Daktari Ruto aliwarai wakazi wa Matisi na Endebess kua yeye Yuko tayari kuokoa uchumi wa nchi ya Kenya ikiwa atapewa fursa ya kuongoza nchi Kama rais ifikapo uchaguzi mkuu wa 2022.

William Ruto akiongea Kwa wakazi wa Matisi

“Mimi Kama kiongozi shupavu na hitaji kura zenu Kwa ufasaha ili maendeleo endelevu ya zidi kunoga na kushamiri kote nchini Kwa manufaa ya wakenya wote bila ubaguzi wa kikabila”, Asema Daktari William Ruto katika Gatuzi la Trans-Nzoia.

Wakazi wa Trans-Nzoia mjini waligubikwa na furaha si haba huku wakiimba nyimbo za ‘hustler’ na kumuhaidi kuwa watamuunga mkono Kwa jitihada zake sufufu nchini Kenya.

Shule ya Sekondari ya Kitum Gatuzi ndogo la Endebess

Naibu wa rais Daktari William Ruto aliambatana sako Kwa bako na viongozi wa shule ya Sekondari ya Kitum Gatuzi la Trans-Nzoia pamoja na viongozi wengine wanaomuunga Mukono ili kufanikisha azma yake ya kuwa rais wa Jamuhuri ya Kenya Kwa udi na uvumba.

Jumba jipya la Maankuli katika shule ya Sekondari ya Kitum

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Je mrengo wa ‘NASA’ ungali imara kutikisa uchaguzi wa 2022?-Lumbasio Holman

NAIROBI, Kenya; Je vinara wenza wa mrengo wa ‘NASA’ wangali chombo imara kutikisa au kutifua kivumbu kwenye uchaguzi mkuu wa 2022?

Vinara wa mrengo wa ‘NASA’

Mrengo wa ‘the National Super Alliance-NASA’ ukiongozwa na vinara wenza wakiwemo kinara wa chama cha ODM-Raila Odinga,Kinara wa chama cha ANC-Musalia Mudavadi,Kinara wa chama cha Wiper-Kalonzo Musyoka na Kinara wa chama cha Ford,Kenya-Moses Wetangula hauja weka wazi Nani atakaye beba bendera ya urais mwaka wa 2022.

Vigogo wa ‘NASA’

Kulingana na muktadha uliopo kupitia nyanda za juu za kiti cha urais, vigogo wote wa mrengo huo wanakivizia kiti cha urais Kwa mwendo wa falsafa huku wakiweka mikakati hitajika ili kuimarisha uchumi wa nchi ya Kenya.

Swala na lengo kuu ni ishara tosha kua kinara wa chama cha ODM-Raila Odinga Yuko kipao mbele kupigania marekebisho ya katiba kupitia mchakato wa ‘BBI’ huku akiahidi wananchi wawe na subira kwani taswira kamilifu yaja Kwa mwendo wa kimaendeleo kote magatuzini nchini Kenya.

Kinara wa chama cha ODM-Raila Odinga

Azma ya Raila Odinga kuwania urais ipo katika njia fiche,Bali kinara wa chama cha ANC-Musalia Mudavadi ametangaza wazi azma yake ya kuwania urais mwaka wa 2022.

Kinara wa chama cha ANC-Musalia Mudavadi

Siasa za Kenya ubadilika kulingana na mwongozo uliopo kimaarifa, taswira kamilifu twasubiri,iwapo mageuzi yatafanyika ili kuchagua Nani atakaye peperusha bendera ya urais kupitia Mrengo wa ‘NASA’.

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Runinga ya KBC hapa ndopo kwingine sopo Kwa habari na vipindi komavu[Kujitolea]-Lumbasio Holman

KBC channel 1 TV Nairobi-Kenya; Runinga yako uipendayo IPO kipao mbele Kwa mwendo wa falsafa kupitia Habari, elimu na vipindi komavu. Ufasaha umeshamiri kote Kwa minajili yako mtazamaji mpendwa.

Runinga ya KBC, Nairobi-Kenya

Hapa ndopo kwingine sopo Kwa kila Jambo la kimuktadha kupitia sheheni ya utangazaji na uwanahabari. Chanda chema chenye manufahisho ndio hiki hapa Kwa mwendo wa Ninga. Pata habari zote sahihi za humu nchini Kenya na hata pia rubaa za kimataifa ukipenda Ughaibuni.

Picha ya mchoro

Wanahabari shupavu ukijumuhisha kitengo cha lugha ya Kiswahili na lugha ya Kiingereza wakiwemo Gladys Mungai, Sarafina Robi, Karanja David, Suleiman Yeri, Nancy Okware, Timothy Kipnusu, Beatrice Gatonye Ngetich, Purity Museo, Sarfine Achieng Ouma, Edward Kabasa, Kevin Wachira, Irine Muchuma miongoni mwa wengine ni ishara toshelezi kua Runinga ya KBC ya zidi kutamba na kunoa makali.

Kote nchini Kenya, twangaa kwani Sisi ndisi jawabu na chombo chako cha taifa kupitia Habari na vipindi komavu Kwa minajili yako mtazamaji mpendwa. Kaa chini kitako na utazame KBC channel 1 Kwa furaha na bashasha. Shukrani za dhati Kwa kuchagua Runinga yako ya taifa.

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“2022 politics is set for the best”,says Dr. Ruto in Nandi County-Lumbasio Holman

NANDI County,Kenya; Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto now welcomes 2022 Political set point as he is automatically eying for the presidency sit on the Kenyan territory.

Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William

SPEAKING at Kapsabet town yesterday (Friday, February 26,2021) afternoon hours East African Time, after inspecting different ongoing developmental projects in Nandi County, Deputy President Dr. William Ruto, he either insisted that he will be ok with the Building Bridges Initiative-BBI amendment Bill of 2020 if Kenyan citizens will say yes to the bill.

Dr. Ruto speaking to the people at Kapsabet town

“My big concern is my 2022 Presidency showdown search at a higher notch prosperity, making a fact that Kenya as a developing country, different developmental projects is the key contribution of the Kenya’s economy”,Says Mr. Ruto to the people of Nandi Hills in Nandi County.

Dr. Ruto’s supporters who were present at Kapsabet

Dr. Ruto’s diehard supporters with Wheelbarrows made their additional attribution of attending the political career campaigns on a large number as Kenya faces 2022 Political outfit.

Political career supporters carrying Wheelbarrows.

Hustlers Nation leader,he was accompanied by various leaders from Nandi County especially the United Democratic Alliance-UDA leaders and also the ‘Tangatanga’ crew as they support Mr. Ruto’s strategies and super supportive agenda on the Kenyan territory.

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