Another technological launch as North Korea tests submarine missile-Lumbasio Holman

PYONGYANG, North Korea [source;BBC NEWS]; North Korean territory leader-Kim Jong un witnessed the firing of a submarine-launched ballistic missile into waters of the East Sea also known as the sea of Japan, South Korea military confirmed.

Photo; Courtesy (North Korea tests its modern submarine missile).

On Tuesday South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff said one missile was launched from the port of Sinpo,in the east of North Korea.

South Korean territory media reported that the type of missile is believed to have traveled about 450km (280miles) at amiximum height of 60km.

Photo; Courtesy

The latest launch comes as South Korea develops its own weapons,in what observers say has turned into an arms race on the Korean Peninsula.

Seoul is originally holding what is said to be South Korea’s largest ever defence exhibition this week. It will unveil modernised new fighter jets as well as guided weapons including cruise missiles.

North Korean leader-Kim said last week that he did not wish for a suprise war to break out again. He added, his country needed to continue developing weapons for self defence against enemies.

Dr. Ruto’s green card to the State House of Kenya simplifying economic shape-Lumbasio Holman

MOMBASA,Kenya [Inside Kenya’s 2022 politics]; On Saturday October 16,2021 afternoon hours East African Time at Kongowea market,Nyali Constituency in Mombasa County, the hustlers nation movement leader-Dr William Ruto made a standstill votes hunting tactics as he aims for a higher notch Presidency sit.

Photo:Courtesy (the hustlers nation leader-Dr William Ruto at Kongowea market in Mombasa County)

Speaking at Kongowea market,Dr. Ruto simplified his bottom up-economic approach theory as the best method to uplift Kenya’s economy to a better profitable standards.

“our aim as the hustlers nation movement is to create jobs and expand businesses to the people of Kenya at large also work hand in hand to bring all tribes together as a sign of peace and unity”,Dr. Ruto said at the coastal region of Kenya.

Economy is the backbone contribution through profitable projects, hence our trusted work together will create and transform wealth for the millions of ordinary Kenyan citizens-Dr. Ruto added.

Hustlers Nation kingpin,he is at the coastal region of Kenya to hunt for the August 9,2022 votes as the major priority eyes for the prosperous top sit.

Dr. Ruto was accompanied by Members of Parliament including Nyali MP-Mohamed Ali,Kilifi North MP-Owen Baya,Lunga Lunga MP-Khatib Mwashetani, Kikuyu MP-Kimani Ichung’wah among other political leaders who support hustlers nation movement at the diehard stage.

Kinara wa chama cha Chungwa achota maji ya uongozi mjini Eldoret-Lumbasio Holman

ELDORET,Kenya [SIASA za Kenya]; Kinara wa chama cha Chungwa-Raila Odinga hii leo mweondo wa alasiri majira ya Afrika Mashariki ametikisa anga za Eldoret mjini Kwa maneno matamu ya kimaendeleo huku akitafuta uungwaji mkono wa kuwania kiti cha urais Agosti 9 mwaka ujao.

Picha Kwa hisani (Kinara wa chama cha Chungwa-Raila Odinga njiani Eldoret,Kenya)

“Uchumi wetu umedorora,garama ya maisha imepanda bali suluhisho lipo kupitia sera ya ‘azimio la umoja’ kote nchini Kenya”,Raila Odinga anena kinagaubaga mjini Eldoret.

Kama ada kama kawa maendeleo ya jumla ukipenda maendeleo mwafaka ni ishara toshelezi na komavu kote magatuzini-Odinga aliongeza Kwa wenyeji wa Eldoret.

Taswira ya siasa ni gonga ni kupe nchini Kenya huku wanasiasa wakitafuta njia za mpenyo ili kuingia kwenye serikali ijayo.

Taa za maendeleo za zidi kuwaka huku kinara wa vuguvugu la ‘the hustlers nation’-Daktari William Ruto wakitoana kijasho chembamba na kinara wa chama cha ODM-Raila Odinga kuhusu nani atakaye inua uchumi wa Kenya.

Raila Odinga’s road to State House of Kenya bearing fruits-Lumbasio Holman

NAIROBI, Kenya [Inside Kenya’s 2022 politics]; On Wednesday October 13,2021 in Nairobi County,ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga made a significant rotational votes hunting as Kenya faces August 9,2022 general elections at hand.

Photo; Courtesy ( ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga during Nairobi-Kenya political rallies)

Speaking to the people of different places of Nairobi including Kamukunji,ODM Kingpin he either urged residents to register as prominent voters of Kenya in order to participate in the 2022 general elections to elect smart hardworking political leaders.

“We have great choices in terms of true developmental ideologies, thus your vote is the key contribution on the Kenyan territory at large”, Raila Odinga said on Wednesday in Nairobi County.

2022 general elections will be of history, meaning peace and unity is our esteemed symbolic agenda for the higher notch prosperity~Mr. Odinga added.

Raila Odinga’s ODM party is strategically working hand in hand in order to clinch to the important Presidency sit come 2022 polls at any means.

The road to the Kenya’s State House in Nairobi is at a stiff competition between ODM Party-leader Raila Odinga and the hustlers nation movement Kingpin-Dr. William Ruto.

Kenya’s UDA party confidently fit for the 2022 political race-Lumbasio Holman

KAREN,Kenya [Inside Kenya’s 2022 politics]; On Tuesday October 12,2021 afternoon hours East African Time, United Democratic Alliance-UDA party through its Kingpin-Dr. William Ruto at his Karen home in Nairobi-Kenya,he truly sharpening for a higher notch prosperity by holding a political meeting.

Photo; Courtesy (Dr. William Ruto at his Karen home in Nairobi, Kenya during a political meeting)

Speaking during a political meeting with UDA party aspirants from Kirinyaga,Nyandarua, Murang’a,Embu, Kiambu,Machakos,Kitui and Makueni,Dr. Ruto either strongly recommend for the economic approach model to uplift Kenya’s economy.

“The newly branded umbrella in form of UDA party will significantly upgrade Kenya’s economy to a better developmental standards at any point of true projects ideologies”, Hustlers Nation leader-Dr William Ruto said at his Karen home in Nairobi County.

The hustlers nation movement diehard supporters must take the right direction to understand the bottom up-economic approach theory which aims to transform Kenyan territory~Dr. Ruto added.

The United Democratic Alliance-UDA party is fully gearing up for the August 9,2022 general elections in order to lift up political trophy.

Solid healthcare provider comes at hand with afia fruit juice-Lumbasio Holman

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Photo; Courtesy (Afia fruit juice a product of KEVIAN Kenya Limited)

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A first year student at Masinde Muliro University found dead in the hostel-Lumbasio Holman

KAKAMEGA, Kenya [CAMPUS news]; A first year student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology main campus Kakamega-Kenya confirmed dead on Monday October 11,2021 in the morning hours East African Time in the University’s hall three hostel.

Photo; Masinde Muliro University’s hall three.

Antony Shikhukhuli Obadha Registration number ITE/D/01-56652/2020,who had been admitted to the institution two weeks ago was found dead on Monday at hostel premises due to unusual circumstances.

According to Dean of students affair-Dr. Benardatte Abwao, confirmed the incident and she stated that Antony had a medical condition and had sought medication on Friday October 8,2021 at the University clinic.

Currently,police have started a strong investigation at the campus territory in order to come up with the final cause of Antony’s death.

“On behalf of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology,we send our condolences to the family and friends of Antony may he rest in peace”, Dr. Benardatte Abwao,Dean of students made her remarks.

One injured and three more killed during bandits raid in Laikipia-Lumbasio Holman

NDINDIKA village,Kenya[Bandits raid in Laikipia county]; One person was seriously injured and three more people were reportedly killed on Sunday October 10,2021 at 4pm East African Time after the suspected bandits raided Ndindika village in Laikipia county.

Photo; Courtesy (security personnel deployment at Ndindika village, Laikipia county following bandits raid).

Significantly, responding to the raid,a multi-agency security team made a tight security cover by exchanging a showcase bullet fire tactics in order to overpower bandits mission at the scene.

During a drive of the stolen cattle towards Laikipia Nature Conservancy,a group of bandits shot down indiscriminately at three who were fishing at Mbogoini dam.

All the thirty two (32) herds of cattle and two Sheep were recovered by the Police force and returned to the owner.

According to Inspector general of police-Hilary Mutyambai, purely oriented search for the incident occurred is currently at a critical view point.

Communication across cultures in Uganda (Baganda culture)-Lumbasio Holman

KAMPALA, Uganda [the Baganda people and their culture]; The Baganda are the Bantu-speaking people and their significant language is Luganda. They originated from Central Africa.

Photo;Buganda people and their culture in Kampala, Uganda.

Simply at the advantageous cultural aspects,the Baganda people are therefore found in the present districts of Kampala,Mpigi,Mukono,Masaka,Kalangala,Kiboga,Rakai and Mubende.

Buganda people believed so much in superhuman powers in form of ‘Mizimu’,’Misambwa’, and ‘Balubale’. The Balubale were believed to have been men whose exceptional attributes in life were carried over into death.

The ‘Mizimu’ were believed to be ghosts of dead people for it was believed that only the body could die and rot but the soul would still exist as ‘Omuzimu’.

There were three temples for Katonda in Buganda and all of them were situated in Kyaggwe under the care of priests from the Njovu clan.

The kings had shrines of worship. The Royal sister known as Nnaalinya took charge of the King’s temple. There is a strong tradion among the Baganda that the Balubale cult was introduced by Kabaka Nakibinge to strengthen his authority and that he combined both political and religious functions for that matter.

Photo;Kasubi tombs/Shrine in Kampala, Uganda.

The highest class in Buganda society was the Balangira. This was the aristocracy who based their right to rule on royal blood.

At any point,the society would recognize the Kabaka, the queen mother referred to Namasole, Nabijano or Kanyabibambwa,then Nalinya popularly known as Lubaga (royal sister),then Katikiro and the Kimbugwe. The group formed a class of its own in Buganda.

The Baganda were essentially agriculturalists who grown crops which included Sweet Potatoes, Cassava, Bananas,Yams,Beans,Cow-peas and a wide variety of green vegetables. They also reared goats,sheep, cattle and chicken on a small scale.

The Kabaka could grant and remove land to and from anyone and at anytime without notice. The grant of land went hand in hand with the grant of political office such as a Saza chief,Gombolola chief or Muluka chief.

The Baganda were originally skilled in creating works of art among them were truly excellent craftsmen,bark cloth makers, weavers and potters also the Baganda practiced fishing and hunting.

The Baganda people had a Kingdom called Buganda Kingdom. The kingdom was divided into administrative units known as Amasaza (counties) which were further subdivided into Amagombolola (sub-counties) and this were divided into parishes called Emiluka which were subdivided into sub-parishes.

Purely economic oriented is our strong contribution on the Kenyan territories~Dr. Ruto-Lumbasio Holman

NAROK,Kenya [POLITICAL eye]; The hustlers nation movement and also the United Democratic Alliance-UDA party Kingpin-Dr. William Ruto on Thursday October 7,2021 afternoon hours East African Time in Narok County made trustworthy political campaigns urging that the bottom up-economic model is the key value to the Kenya’s developments.

Photo; Courtesy (The hustlers nation movement leader-Dr William Ruto).

Speaking to the residents of Kilgoris town,Dr. Ruto promised that if elected as the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya,he will work hand in hand and head to head to bring in economic formulae for the better extension of true developments.

“Bottom up-economic approach significantly more of verified plans which involves pastorolists in the Kenya’s development progress at any favourite process of the human rights”, said Dr. Ruto in Narok County.

Equality of the Kenya’s resources is at a modern society stage on the Kenyan territory at large. Thus,our aim for the higher notch prosperity is to uplift developments through various projects~Dr. Ruto added.

Additionally, the hustlers nation movement leader-Dr William Ruto is at a Presidential mission in the August 9,2022 Kenya’s general elections.

Dr. Ruto was accompanied by the prominent political leaders including Gabriel Tongoyo of Narok West,Kimani Ichung’wah of Kikuyu,Rigathi Gachagua of Mathira,Aisha Jumwa of Malindi,Narok County deputy governor-Evelyne Aruasa among other key political leaders who truly appreciate and support hustlers nation movement at a diehard point of operation.